Angels in America, Part II – Perestroika, Forum Theatre
"Jennifer Mendenhall... crowns her personal one-actor repertory company by portraying the mother of an impossibly conflicted gay Republican Mormon."
Tim Treanor, dc theatre scene Nov 5, 2009


Measure for Pleasure, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
"Jennifer Mendenhall is hilarious both in her initial vanity (she believes herself cursed to be graced with a face that causes men to suffer) and her later drunk spell (when she realizes the suffering is from revulsion, not attraction)."
Steven McNight , dc theatre scene June 3, 2008

"The good news: Jennifer Mendenhall, as Lady Vanity Lustforth, negotiates that hairpin with her usual grace and authority, in a scene that she and Shalwitz infuse with palpably immediate hurt."
Trey Graham, Washington City Paper, June 6, 2008


Ambition Facing West, Theatre Alliance
"Mendenhall, playing a woman whose mind runs ahead of her facility in English, manages to convey a universe of emotion in a torrent of words, word gestures, and dialect, her damaged body twitching with frustration when her daughter fails to understand."
Tim Treanor, DC theatre Scene